Our sustainability goals towards 2025

Environmental engagement

Innovate to protect the environment ​

  • > 60% renewable energy​
  • 65% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from own  operations (80% reduction by 2040) measured from 2014​
  • 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the value chain, outside own operations (75% reduction by 2040) from 2014​
  • 30% reduction in energy and water consumption from 2014​
  • 50% reduction in food waste from 2014

Sustainable sourcing

Deliver products with sustainable raw materials

  • Ensure respect for workers’ rights​
  • Achieve verified sustainable production of key raw materials​
  • Promote sustainable farming and fishing​
  • 100% recyclable packaging​
  • 75% packaging made of recycled materials​
  • 50% plastic packaging made of recycled or renewable materials​

Nutrition and wellness

Making it easier to live healthy​

  • ​Double consumption of products and services that contribute to a healthier lifestyle​
  • 15% less salt and sugar from 2015​
  • Inspire people to adopt a healthier lifestyle​

Safe products

Be prepared to handle emerging risks​​

  • 100% food manufacturing facilities at green level​
  • 100% approved suppliers​
  • Continue to ensure that all products are safe​

Care for people and society

Be the change we want to see

  • ​Create strong local engagement for sustainability​
  • 100% compliance with Orkla’s human rights policy​
  • Create healthy workplaces with zero injuries​
  • Women in 50% of leadership positions at all levels​
  • Create a culture of integrity everywhere