Orkla Suomi – billing information

From 1.3.2023 onwards our billing information:

Invoice receiver: Orkla Suomi Finland Oy Ab
VAT number: FI02051178 (same as current Confectionery & Snacks Finland Ab)

We prefer e-invoicing because it is quicker, more reliable and cost effective for both sender and receiver. You can find the more detailed e-invoicing instructions attached to this letter.

• E-invoicing address: TE003702051178
• Operator: Tietoevry Oyj
• Operator ID: 003701011385
• PEPPOL address: 0216:003702051178

PDF invoices:
• Invoice e-mail (valid from 1.3.2023 onwards): invoice.orklasuomi@orkla.com (this is an automatic e-mail, please do not send any additional questions or comments to this e-mail).
• Only one purchase order and invoice per each e-mail, and only one invoice per each PDF file (including all the attachments and other supporting documents).

Paper invoices (not recommended):
• Orkla Suomi Finland Oy Ab, PL 7530, 00002 HELSINKI

In all the invoicing scenarios (e-invoice/PDF/paper) stated above:

• Invoice reference should always be:
o Either the purchase order (PO) number 45xxxxxxxx (if that exists)
o OR the e-mail address of the invoice requester

• In case of purchase order invoices:
o Please send only one invoice per purchase order
o We request you use the same order unit on the invoice (for quantities) as provided on the purchase order
o We request you use the same purchase order-item/line (10/20/30) number as provided on the purchase order

All questions and comments regarding invoices can be sent to Orkla Accounting Center (OAC) (vendor.orklasuomi@orkla.com). The preferred contact language for OAC is English. The  responses from OAC will also be sent to you in English.